Gadgets and Gizmos A Plenty


I have a lot of it. It litters my life. So much so that it tends to be a bit overwhelming. Video games are a major part of that, and like my mother who collected bells, I think my collecting has filed over into those digital creations that zoom, pop, and bang their ways across my television on a nightly cavalcade of electronic whimsey.

Steam, an online dispenser of my drug of choice, has several sales on a year that just beg for my hard earned dollar. Humble Bundle is another one of those pushers that just taunts and pleads with me to spend a few more greenbacks in order to collect some new (or old) shiny game that I know I just need to have. Then there is Microsoft, my console of choice creator, that sells me a new fangled delight every few months to the tune of $60 per item.

I have tried, in the past, to look at those sales and new games and realize that I just don’t have the time to invest into them to do justice to the investment they are asking of me. However, when I think about my life, devoid of the shininess that is a new item collected into my menagerie, I just fall to the impulse and click the ‘Buy now’ button.

It is almost a call too Ariel singing in the grotto…

(Judge me later..)

I mean, I have some games that I honestly haven’t even played yet. They just sit on my hard drive, loaded and ready to go, but with no time, or the newest and latest game taking precedence, I just can’t bring myself to load them up. Add to that my recent foray back into the college world, a family I try to maintain some semblance of relationship with, and two cats that just need me so much (seriously, if you believe that, you don’t own cats).

But, I need my collection to be complete. Besides, that new game I want only cost $9.99 and normally it goes for $15, that’s like saving $5 (this is woman logic when it comes to sales, and sadly, I totally understand it), and I am sure one day, I will get around to playing it. Maybe.

Yeah, I know.. I can already hear Sebastian telling me…

                     “You’re hopeless.”

Ah well…

(I won’t apologize for the Little Mermaid references, I happen to like the movie.. ok, so I’m weird.. you’re point?)

5 thoughts on “Gadgets and Gizmos A Plenty

  1. To have a weakness for value rather than quality seems to be a big issue for a lot of steam users, you just can’t resist a saving even if you don’t want the product.


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