Somewhere in this stack of life,

I made a list and checked it twice.

It was a list of things to get done,

A so called ‘New Year Resolution’.

I sat and added thing after thing,

DeathtoStock_Wired3Stuff to change, the new to bring.

The list was long and full of hope,

A lot more awesome, a little less dope.

I held my list up high and cried,

“I’ll do it this year, that’s no lie!”

Then placed it down and started to dance,

This year my life was not left to chance.

When I stopped, the list was not found,

It must have blown away while I danced around.

A sad look found its way to my face,

I slouched my shoulder, slowed my pace.

Then a grand thought occurred to me,

“Who needs resolutions? After all, they’re silly.”



7 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. We just need to be reminded of things we may have forgotten to do or be. A little pause and reflect (and a dance) go a long way. Though personally, I’ve never made a list. But an ongoing one!

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