The Glance

She stared at him from across the room. He was busy talking to another guy about something, his speech so animated as his hands flew around while he spoke. She could just imagine what deep, intellectual conversation he must be having. The smile on his lips and the crinkle in his face giving away his enthusiasm for the topic. She couldn’t help but feel a rush in her pulse as she lingered along his long lines. The jeans he wore fit nicely enough. Faded. Torn and threadbare in just the right places. His left hand stuffed into his pocket, the silver watch on his wrist glinting the light from the room off its metallic surface. His button front shirt with its taupe brown color a perfect complement to the cowboy boots he wore.

She quickly looked away as his head turned in her direction, hoping he didn’t catch her looking at him. Her breath caught in her chest.

Was she watching? He had been trying desperately to find out whether she had been staring at him. For the last 10 minutes he was busy being so careful, trying to catch just a glimpse of her staring at him. He hoped she was. The second he walked into the room he had spotted her, that long red hair almost impossible to miss. Her white dress flowed off of her figure, accentuating her curves and flattering her figure. He maneuvered around the room and found a friend of his close enough that he could sneak a peek at her while he talked with him. And now that he turned his head to ‘scan’ around the room, he thought he caught her looking at him, but maybe she was just looking around.

That was probably it, she was just scanning the room. Not looking at him at all. He turned back toward his friend to finish his conversation.

Was it safe? She thought she had looked away, trying hard to be nonchalant about where she was looking, not sure whether he caught her or not. She looked out of the side of her head to see if he was still looking in her direction. He was… but wait… he is turning back around toward his friend. She shifted in her position, trying to be as unnoticeable in her movements until she could look at him again. There. Better. And that smile. His smile caught her off guard. She found that she could just stare at his smile and get lost in the thoughts of all that that smile could contain. Handsome. She finally admitted that she found him handsome. As if by some mirror reaction, she found herself smiling along with his smile.

Ok, I just have to know. Is it me she’s looking at? Or am I going crazy and making things up? He tried to look out of the corner of his eye, toward where she was standing a few moments ago. He could see white. The edge of her dress. He stopped talking, pausing in his speech. Took a deep breath and quickly turned his head.

Their eyes meet in that briefest of seconds.

In that glimpse the stars exploded in the vastness of space between them.

She blushed.

He smiled.


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