The Boat

The mission was simple. Board the vessel, secure the package, then exfil. Everything had gone smoothly until on his way out of the boat, while heading toward the aft, one of the armed guards decided now was a time to take a smoke break. He stood dead still, trying his best to fade into the shadows of the white ship, but knowing that his black wet suit would give him away if the guard looked in his direction. He tightened his hand on his knife, ready to cover the 10 foot distance if need be and eliminate the threat. The guard took a long drag off the cigarette, inhaled deeply, then flicking the butt into the water, turned directly toward him as the guard exhaled. They locked eyes. The guard reached to bring his weapon up, gaining the draw on him as he moved forward, his knife bared. The guard had his finger on the weapon and just as he was about to pull the trigger, a mingling of mist exited the right side of his head and sprayed onto the wall as the guard slumped to the ground.

“Bravo, clear.”

“I could have taken him.” he said to the voice in his head.

“And now… you don’t have too.”



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