The Split

HELP! (seriously)

Ok, so… I’m looking for advice and help, and at the same time I’m making a formal announcement.

First off, I started this blog as a way to cope with some personal stuff that I was/am going through. Somewhere along the line, it turned into a place for my writing to take place, which in turn ignited my passion again for writing.

All good so far? Ok.

So, after a conversation with my brother, who basically told me his perception on a blog (which is that of a personal online diary and I totally get that), that my writing (fiction, etc) was being overlooked due to the misconception of the non-blogging world. I get that.

Today, I decided to split my online world. My fiction going to another site, my personal stuff staying here. That being said, I know have a few questions I really could use some help with.

1) With all my fiction stuff here, should I transfer it to the new blog?

2) How do I do that in the least painful way possible?

3) Any other advice you could offer would be great.

Thanks for the advice…

And you can find my new site over at: Luniacal Ramblings (as of this writing, there is nothing posted there)

Thanks for following me here. Oh, I will continue to update this blog, cause like I said, I still have things to work out.


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