Just Because You Can…


Too much information.

The act of oversharing and revealing more than we want, should, or have the right to know.

An acronym that has become the foundation of so much head shaking and facepalming the likes of which society has never known.

Add to that technology and you have a recipe for disaster. Just look at any social media platform these days and you will realize the landscape of our lives is nothing more than the internet’s wasteland of wanton full disclosure.

Which begs the question…has social media created the vacuum of our perceived identity? A black hole into which we cast ourselves, hoping that others trapped in the same despair will save us? Do we really need to let cyberspace know everything about us?

Come on, who really wants to know what other people are having for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or to be inundated by the plethora of gym photos or ‘getting my gym on’ posts that remind the rest of us that we are not, in fact, holding to our New Year’s resolution of losing weight. I really don’t care how you feel about your mysterious friend whom you complain about without telling us who it is, or the elusive post that doesn’t mean anything, just too elicit responses from people so you can tell them about how horrible things are for you.

The guys who pine after someone, posting their feelings instead of manning up and just asking the girl. The girls who post pictures or self-defacing posts about not feeling pretty or being too fat or… whatever it is that you feel the need to regale us with so that we will post comments about how wrong you are so you can feel better about yourself. Are we so shallow that we degrade ourselves in order to get the attention of others? If you are really that insecure about yourself, find a better way to build your self image. Get better friends exhort you, stop comparing yourself to whatever image you think you need to live up too, and just start being you.

Unless of course, you have no idea who you are… in which case, get off social media until you figure it out.

You know, there is an age limit on these things. You should be at least 13 for most of them. Ok, fine, it’s a physical age, but can you institute a maturity check of some sort? Seriously.

Look, what this world needs right now is people who are secure in themselves, able to stand on their own two feet (most of the time), and who are willing to be men and women of conviction and substance.

Maybe that’s what’s missing from this cyberspace. Men and women of substance. Maybe we replaced substance with acceptance. Maybe it’s more important to be liked than be a person of conviction.

Maybe it’s just easier to go with the flow.



That seems to be the issue, doesn’t it.


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