To Write or to Read…

It’s no surprise, I like to write. I fancy myself a bit of a story-teller. I enjoy when others enjoy what I create. A bit too much, some might say. Some. I take criticism about as well as anyone else, which is to say, I don’t mind correction, but I despise it when someone says negative things about my work.

There are times I feel more at home in front of a keyboard than I do anywhere else. Unless, of course, there are video games to be played. Then… well, the world needs to be saved, even if it is only a fake one. But I digress (a word I like to use as a way to explain my rabbit trails).

Flip that situation though, and make me the reader. Oh, that just won’t do. It’s not that I don’t like reading. I do. However, reading takes a mindset that I seem to posses in a very limited quantity. When it comes to reading, it either has to be something that catches my attention before I even start to read, or something I am required to read. As an aside, I don’t even like re-reading the stuff I write. It’s that bad. (my dislike of reading that is, not my writing. Oh, please, I hope my writing isn’t that bad.)

I think that makes me ironic. Or snobby. Or like a check valve…


So in the vein of the self diagnosis, my issue is rather one of the short attention span variety. There are times when I will be reading something and I end up in a thought that turns into another one, that trains into a few more ideas that I could incorporate into one of my stories, and two pages later, I have no idea what I just read. On top of that, because I never wrote down what I was thinking, I have lost those ideas. And now, I’m stuck with having to re-read what I just read AND not having done anything productive with my writing.

It’s the infamous Catch-22 (a book I really should read one of these days).

So, given the choice of being either a reader or a writer, I will chose writer every time.

It’s really a no-brainer.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Morton’s Fork.”


5 thoughts on “To Write or to Read…

    1. I keep hearing that. And I won’t totally disagree. But, interestingly enough, and maybe it’s just me, I tend to mimic the writing styles of those I am reading. I once told someone that you can figure out what I am reading by the style of what I write. Not sure that’s a bad thing, not sure it’s a good one. Still… I hate reading something and getting two pages along and try to figure out what it was I just read. Frustrating. So very frustrating.


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