As You Wish…

It has been said that to watch The Princess Bride with me is something along the lines in equality to jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I’m not particularly sure whether that plane was on the tarmac or at altitude, so I can not say as to whether this is a good thing or a bad one.

My wife, my kids, and anyone who has ever seen this movie with me will tell you that it is a bad thing.

Mainly because I can quote the movie almost word for word.

Ok, fine. It’s not that I can. It’s that I do.

The entire thing.


From the other room.

Because that’s where I get relegated too when this movie is being watched.


So I pout. A lot. Think…Westley when he gets 1 year of his life sucked out of him.

On the rare occasion that I get the chance to sit in the same room, the scenario plays out like this.

My wife tells me I have to be quiet and just watch the movie. That’s when I look at her and tell her, “You think that’ll work? Cause, it’ll take a miracle.”

She groans.

Eventually, I get ousted from the room and I am sure she is thinking she should just have kicked me out like she usually does. As I am walking out, with my head down, she says “And I don’t want you quoting anymore lines.. and I mean it!”

To which I promptly reply… “Anybody want a Peanut!”

She groans and holds up a pillow to throw at me, “Do you want me to throw this at you?”

“You mean, I put down my quotes, and you put down your pillow and we fight like civilized men?”

I duck as she throws the pillow at me. (They are called… throw… pillows, after all).

I get hit in the face. I’m not sure if that is because she knew I was going to duck and aimed low, or it was just a horrible coincidence of her bad aim and my terrible luck.

“Seriously. Stop it.” she is firm in her demeanor, stamping her foot. I look back, holding the pillow. A small pout on my face.
“Now, give me back my pillow.”

I lean toward her and apologetically offer her the ammunition. “As you wish.” My smile is sly and smirky.

She just looks at me, and I know I have won. “How can I stay mad at you? Come here.” And she reaches up and gives me a kiss. “Now, isn’t that better?”

“I can’t quote my movie, you kick me out of the room, you throw a pillow at me and you think a little head jiggle’s suppose to make me happy????”

10 minutes later I regain consciousness.

I regret nothing.

Ok, most of this isn’t true.. but.. it could happen.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”


One thought on “As You Wish…

  1. Pah. I’d watch it with you and quote the entire movie right there along with ya. Hell we can reenact the sword-fight scene.

    When we asked my husband’s best friend to be the officiant at our wedding there were bets on whether he would begin with: “Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today…”

    He didn’t and many bets were lost.

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