As You Wish…

It has been said that to watch The Princess Bride with me is something along the lines in equality to jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I’m not particularly sure whether that plane was on the tarmac or at altitude, so I can not say as to whether this is a good thing or a bad one.

My wife, my kids, and anyone who has ever seen this movie with me will tell you that it is a bad thing.

Mainly because I can quote the movie almost word for word.

Ok, fine. It’s not that I can. It’s that I do.

The entire thing.


From the other room.

Because that’s where I get relegated too when this movie is being watched.


So I pout. A lot. Think…Westley when he gets 1 year of his life sucked out of him.

On the rare occasion that I get the chance to sit in the same room, the scenario plays out like this.

My wife tells me I have to be quiet and just watch the movie. That’s when I look at her and tell her, “You think that’ll work? Cause, it’ll take a miracle.”

She groans.

Eventually, I get ousted from the room and I am sure she is thinking she should just have kicked me out like she usually does. As I am walking out, with my head down, she says “And I don’t want you quoting anymore lines.. and I mean it!”

To which I promptly reply… “Anybody want a Peanut!”

She groans and holds up a pillow to throw at me, “Do you want me to throw this at you?”

“You mean, I put down my quotes, and you put down your pillow and we fight like civilized men?”

I duck as she throws the pillow at me. (They are called… throw… pillows, after all).

I get hit in the face. I’m not sure if that is because she knew I was going to duck and aimed low, or it was just a horrible coincidence of her bad aim and my terrible luck.

“Seriously. Stop it.” she is firm in her demeanor, stamping her foot. I look back, holding the pillow. A small pout on my face.
“Now, give me back my pillow.”

I lean toward her and apologetically offer her the ammunition. “As you wish.” My smile is sly and smirky.

She just looks at me, and I know I have won. “How can I stay mad at you? Come here.” And she reaches up and gives me a kiss. “Now, isn’t that better?”

“I can’t quote my movie, you kick me out of the room, you throw a pillow at me and you think a little head jiggle’s suppose to make me happy????”

10 minutes later I regain consciousness.

I regret nothing.

Ok, most of this isn’t true.. but.. it could happen.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”

1 thought on “As You Wish…

  1. Pah. I’d watch it with you and quote the entire movie right there along with ya. Hell we can reenact the sword-fight scene.

    When we asked my husband’s best friend to be the officiant at our wedding there were bets on whether he would begin with: “Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today…”

    He didn’t and many bets were lost.

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