My Collection…


My office is kind of my place away from everybody. Which gets invaded on a fairly regular occurrence, cause, let’s face it… I live with a bunch of women. (My cats are even female) So, I have to do something to make my office mine. Hence the photo up top. That is my collection of stuff. Displayed on the wall behind me, in full view of anyone walking into my area. It is pretty epic if I do say so myself (and I am usually the only one saying so… so…..)

For those who can’t figure it out, that is a collection of Disney Infinity characters a midst a smattering of bobble heads and other miscellaneous figures (not dolls.. no matter how much the females in the house try to convince you otherwise). And yes, that is a real katana on display at the top (wife got that for me for Christmas this year).

I have a few other bobble heads in my collection, but they are too big to fit on that shelf. So, for now, they sit on my desk.. but less I leave them out.. here they are.


I’m pretty sure Chuck would have an issue if I left him out… and nobody needs that kind of problem. Not even the Wampa.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

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