The Uniqueness of Me…

I’m ok being just me, and although my life tends to be more hectic than I would care for, or more stressed than I’m sure my doctor thinks is good, being me is the only thing I ever have seemed to be good at. Given the opportunity to create another me would just take away from who I am as a whole and make me… what.. a half? 

Thereby devaluing me into something less than what I am already. Do I truly need to have that sort of issue in my life along with every other issue there is?

No, I think I’m happy being the only one of me there is. As I am sure are the rest of you. So… let’s just say no to clones.

Besides, if we start making clones, we are just going to encourage George Lucas that he was right about those last three movies.. and… no… just…. NO.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”

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