A Warning…

I snuck out of my corner for a few minutes.. so, whatever you do.. appreciate the words I’m about to say as if they may be my last ones.. but I have to be quick.. the captors might notice I’m missing any moment now…

I may have said this before on here.. I know I have said this before out loud.. to other people..(cause, if there weren’t other people I would be talking to myself.. and that would be.. okay.. right? I’m not crazy am I?) but…

If you ever find yourself in a place where you have a full time job.. (like me)

have a family you actually like seeing on a normal basis.. (like me (no, seriously, I do))

have been out of school longer than you were in it… (like me.. twice over)

and you decide to go back to school… (like me.. again)

whatever you do..

no matter how tempting it is…

even if you think you are the smartest person alive…

follow this warning as closely as you can…

Don’t take an English class and a Literature class at the same time.

For the love of God and all things sacred under the Heaven’s…nonike2



Do it!!!

So many paper’s to write….

soooo much reading…..

My fingertips are bruised and I can’t feel my eyeballs….

Oh no…I hear the books. They found out I’m missing… got to run.. wish me luck…


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