A Bit More in Focus…


So.. this is me. Right now. Sitting in Panera’s, trying to do homework.

Ok, I guess.. trying not to do homework would be a better way of putting it, because I seem to keep finding things that I allow myself to get distracted by. Coffee cup needs more coffee… I need a glass of water.. hey, look, someone I don’t know just walked in… wonder what’s going on on Facebook… I should really add to that one story I was writing… man, the rain is really coming down… I should blog about this… *click*… /post

Yeah. If there was one thing I really would enjoy being better at… focus.

That would be a great thing. It’s like the littlest of distractions have a way of becoming huge moments of time waste. Sure, I did one of my homework assignments this morning. Woot! A little critical analysis of the poem “Mister Samuel and Sam” by Sterling Brown. Good poem, you should read it.

Now, however, I have to revise a 750 word essay (which is actually closer to over 900 words), read something like a billion pages of stuff.. ok.. 77 pages, I just counted.. and finish a the story “As I Lay Dying” by Faulkner… and dear Lord.. that story is a level of Hemingway that I think Hemingway is jealous about…. (fyi, I think Hemingway is boring.. like.. it should be constituted as mental anguish to make people read his stuff).

So.. yeah…

A bit more focus would be a wonderful thing. Or.. something.. I don’t know… less.. um..

Nope.. just focus.

Guess it’s time to get more coffee..

And start reading.

Yah me.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”

2 thoughts on “A Bit More in Focus…

  1. I agree with you about Hemingway. I think he’s boring to tears. I’m also great at not getting things done in spectacular fashion. But I’m also very good at getting them done on time. So there’s that. I figure that so long as things are done (and done well) on time, no need to change the way I do them.

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