Spring Break!!!

Spring break is upon my current school district. As of yesterday, my last class for the week was done, so I am free from the confines of class for a whole week! (alliteration… boom!) That means:

NO Homework!! (except for the research paper and poem project, plus studying for a midterm and quiz I have coming up)

NO Class!!! (well, I never really had any class anyway.. so)



Oh, I got it…

No…nope, lost it…

wait.. here’s one…

NO umm.. no.. well, I was going to put responsibilities, except for the fact that as an adult going back to college, I still have work I have to go to every day (Monday through Friday that is), and other adult responsibilities like family and what not (the joys of parenthood, am I right?).

So.. spring break just seems like a waste to me.

Except for the fact that I can actually catch up on the things I have been slacking at doing for class.

Cause who likes Faulkner after all??

Fine, he isn’t THAT bad..


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