Coffee Ice Cream…

Every time. Every.. single.. time…

It doesn’t matter that I have done this for over 30 years. It doesn’t matter that I do it with each cup that I eat. It doesn’t matter that this is something so ingrained in my make up that I would not be surprised to find out that I have altered my DNA markers and transferred this to my children (albeit, neither of them exhibit this trait, so I’m thinking it might be recessive in nature).

But, every time I make myself a cup of coffee ice cream my wife looks at me like I am a three-headed baboon blowing bubbles out of my butt (A is for alliteration). It’s not the ice cream that she has a problem with. It’s the fact that after I am done scooping out the delicious delicacy (into my Tigger coffee mug might I add), I reach into the fridge, grab the milk, and pour it over the top, filling it half-way.

tigger mug
This is exactly what my mug looks like…

In the past few years, she has stopped making verbal comments, but I can still feel her eyes judging me as I scrape the milk crystals that have frozen to the outside of the ice cream and then just savor the awesomeness that is… well, whatever you would call that coffee and milk flavored slush consistency that forms.

A few things to note…

1) This only works with coffee ice cream (the other flavors just don’t jive

2) This does not work with bits in the ice cream (changes the consistency of everything)

3) Don’t spoonful the ice cream, scrape the outer crystal layer off (that’s the fun part)

4) Don’t judge if you don’t like it… it’s ice cream people…

5) Don’t… and i mean DON’T… eat this at 10pm and expect to go to sleep that night (fun fact, I realized this the hard way)

Now, I would love to tell you where I got this from. I don’t know. I do know that my step-grandfather worked for McArthur dairy and would bring home coffee ice cream, so when I would visit my grandmother’s, that was the ice cream we ate. Might have been they put it in the bowl of ice cream to cut the coffee flavor, or might have been something my mom or dad did, or something weird that adults do to placate whiny children.

But, seriously, if you have never tried this, you must. It just might change the way you eat ice cream.

(FYI, my favorite coffee ice cream is Publix Barnes Coffee Ice Cream… totes da bomb…)coffee ice cream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “32 Flavors.”


11 thoughts on “Coffee Ice Cream…

  1. Coupla’ things: Love coffee ice cream (preferably with bits of bittersweet chocolate or melting into a warm fudgy brownie). Love Barnie’s White Christmas Coffee (with its coconut notes). I can’t promise I’ll try your coffee ice cream and milk concoction, but I might. Nice post.

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  2. Sounds good to me? What’s she got to complain about (in that context)? It’s not like you’re pouring milk over her ice cream. Are you? Because I’d totally complain about that. Then again… I mumble when my hubs puts ketchup over every little thing he eats… it’s just not natural.

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  3. Oh man! That sounds so delicious and creamy and nice. 😊 But my absolute favorite thing, in a post filled with wonderful little bits of delicious food and attractive dishware, is the photograph of the ball of ice cream on the Barnie’s package! The perfectly spaced ice cream striations. A texture I have never seen on ice cream in real life but that makes my tongue alive with memory. And anticipation. Thank God I have some coffee President’s Choice Black Label in the fridge.

    I will try your milk thing. I might even put it in a strange mug. 😊

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  4. Update: I have tried your Tigger Milk Ice Cream Thing. It Is phenomenal! In fact I’ve had it twice already. The ice hunk things are really fun to play with on your tongue. 😊 I did not however use a strange mug. I used a glass one so I could see all the creamy goodness through the sides. Thank you so much for telling me about this wonderful treat. It also makes the ice cream go further.

    You can get a similar fact, ie ice crystal hunks, using vanilla ice cream and 0 cal fruit flavored water. Which all the grocery stores in Canada and some drug stores have their own brand of. So I assume the US is awash in it too.

    Your milk thing is kind of like a float for grown-ups. Thanks and happy eating.😀 🍨

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