All The World…

…is a stage. And we, we are mere performers dancing away to the music of an unknown maestro.


Something like that. I honestly don’t remember the quote. I was just using it as a hook in hopes that you would keep reading, and if you have gotten this far.. it worked!

So, what’s the quote about? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Here it is in a nutshell. I enjoy acting. Theater is my forte, as no one is willing to actually pay me to perform (although I am sure there is a monkey grinder out there looking for a new monkey). I have been on the stage numerous times in the last 40 plus years, in all kinds of roles. Even got to play the lead in a few of them (mind you, most of these have been for our church, and when the pickings are slim.. well.. even a weed can play a rose).

I’ve also had the privilege of writing, directing and assisting in the production of some of those plays also. I say privilege because… well, saying it was a horror and the kind of stuff that nightmares feed off of would be wrong (but, looks like I said it anyway.. oh well).

No, for me, I like the thrill of being in front of the audience, the adrenaline pump of messing up your next line, or the prop not being where it should be, or someone else missing a cue. Those moments when my ad-lib skills get put to the test. I just eat that stuff up.

Like when I was playing Peter in the Easter production and someone moved my sword that I needed in order to chop off that dudes ear (who was played by my son.. fun times), so I went out all ‘air-sword’ on him and had to do the scene sans scimitar.

Or the time I was playing Jesus (yeah, talk about a big role) and I was chopping the cross beam of the cross (pre-cut mind you) and they cut the slot too small so the cross beam wouldn’t slip in. I had to quote my lines, attempt to get that piece in place, and then raise the cross up. Well, that beam was barely in place and all I saw was me raising it up and this 30 pound piece of wood plonk down on my pastor’s wife’s lap. So not cool.. so I attempted to raise it up and then let it fall back down. No one was the wiser. Well, except those who knew it was supposed to go up. Ehhh.

Yeah, I enjoy that kind of stuff so much more. Maybe I’m just weird though.


I’m weird.

But.. the show must go on.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Show Must Go On.”

2 thoughts on “All The World…

  1. I haven’t been onstage since high school but we did the Diary of Anne Frank. In the second show, one of the guys skipped a whole scene and we had to run with it. How to you skip a whole scene???

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