As some of you know, I have a fiction blog over at R. Todd Writes, and for those that don’t, I invite you to click the link and check out some of my writing.

Here’s why I’m saying that. Today’s daily prompt (which I am actually writing about a day late), is all about twist endings and what not. Well, that happens to be something I really enjoy including in many of my stories. I find that the twist endings or the surprises in the last lines is akin to eating your bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and saving all the marshmallow (are they really marshmallow?) bits til the end.

lucky-charmsYes, that is actually something I did (along with most of you, I am sure). Why? Because I think we all like that kind of ending. The sweet surprise at the end. It’s something we hope for, and even look for, in the stories we read. It’s a kind of sentimental expectation.

When stories don’t end that way, I feel that there is some kind of let down. It’s the conclusion with out the fusion. The ending without the bending. The climax without the… nope, that’s all I had.

A lot of the novels I enjoy have this aspect in them: Ender’s Game; Wizard’s First Rule; Armor: all have endings that are twisted. The same is true with short stories: “The Lottery”, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, “Tell Tale Heart”… ok, so those are kind of dark too. But the point is that I like that they just don’t tell a story, but that they are almost hiding something in the telling that gets revealed in the end.

Maybe that’s why I like mysteries and puzzles so much. Or maybe it’s because I like these kind of stories that make me like mysteries and puzzles.. I’m sure they are connected. Somehow.

But, yeah, all that to say…

If you like twist endings, go check out my other page for some of the stories.

Again, that link is R. Todd Writes.

That’s R. Todd Writes.

(I totally wanted to sound like a radio commercial with those last two lines)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “What a Twist!.”


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