A Bit of a Braggart…

BraggingI’m going to totally brag. Just a bit. I normally don’t… or do I? I don’t think I do.. so that’s what I am counting.

Yeah. So there.

Anyway… (man those squirrels get away from you quick)

So, I had an essay due this morning at 8am. Something I have been working on (read.. procrastinating) slowly over the last two weeks. It was about poetry, and in particular, Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays” and why it was or was not trite in its form. Last night, after coming home from my Astronomy class (seriously, I’m a 44-year-old college), I had decided I was going to buckle down and finish it (or start it.. same thing). 

However, once I walked into the house, there was stuff I had to do. After all, I had been gone all day (work and college), it was now almost 10pm, and the wife needed me to go over her Psychology paper (yep, she’s in college too..) to double-check some of her stuff before she handed it in today… and one thing lead to another (no, not that…) by about 10:45 I had accomplished all the stuff other people needed me to do.

So, I resigned myself to my office, thinking, I’m going to take 30 minutes to myself and play a video game. 2 hours later, it’s well past midnight, and I haven’t done a lick of work. I said to myself, “Self,” I totally call myself ‘self’ by the way… but anyway… I said, “Self, get some sleep, you can do this in the morning. It’s due tomorrow. You got this.” I liked that idea, patted myself on the back for such a great concept, and played another 30 minutes of my video games. Ok, fine, I might have a problem… so not the point.

So this morning, I make my plan, arrange my schedule and straighten some paper… all of which had no bearing what-so-ever on writing the paper… and set out to accomplish my day. About 9:30 this morning, this foreboding feeling fell upon me and I had this inkling of impending doom as the realization that my AML class assignments are due at 8am on the day they are due.

There was an audible, “No…no…no…no…” as I rushed toward my computer to see if my insight was true.


It was. There it was… Assignment due: 8am.

I hung my head. I had failed. I resigned myself to this fact.

But, me being me (who else would I be?), I said, “Self, you know what… the submission form is still up, I’m going to write this and get it in. And if need be, throw myself on the mercies of my professor.” By the way, he does seem to be a cool dude (and he doesn’t even read this.. so… honest statement).

So I open my program, I set my mind to the task… and… 35 minutes later I submit my work. Over 700 words in 35 minutes.


And not just 700 words of creative stuff like this. 700 words that reference “Those Winter Sundays“.

And it was good.

(someone else said that.. I brag, but not that much).

So, now we wait for the grade, or an email telling me I failed the submission deadline.

Until then….here’s hoping for…


5 thoughts on “A Bit of a Braggart…

  1. Good job! Procrastination is something we have in common. Ha! Ah I miss those days (all of three years ago). Try writing a 10 page paper in two hours, complete with bibliography. At least I did the research first, or none of my papers would have gotten written.

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    1. I, luckily, have not yet had to write anything greater then 1000 words (a research paper due in two weeks and not one word of having been written). But, still only working on my AA, so…


      1. BA is where the 10 page papers come in. When you get to MA, that’s when the really long stuff starts. But there are only a few of those… I didn’t procrastinate on them. No way. Well… not too much. ^_^


          1. I thought it was fun. I got mine at age 45, but I was lucky in that I was able to go full time. It’s a lot easier when you can hit the books full time and work part time. Way easier. Living in a house on campus three blocks from the library helped too. ^_^

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