Silver Linings…

Yesterday was a pretty banner day over on my fiction blog, R. Todd Writes. Mind you, it wasn’t the best day I have ever had (it topped at 30 visitors, my best being 32), but one that got me pretty excited. In light of a lot of personal (internal) stuff going on with me recently, I will grab onto whatever I can.

Next, falling into the ‘unofficial category’… my micro-fiction Play Date…took (unofficially) crowd favorite (unofficially) over at Yeah Write (I only know that because I peeked and it looked like it was in first.. but, I won’t get too excited until the official results are in later today). Considering the criteria and the doggedness of the editor who oversees that section, I’m pretty stoked. On more than one occasion, my submission has been rejected for voting for violation of the stringent policy they have in place, and for as much as I would like to say it annoys me (it does), I keep coming back week after week just to prove to them that I can do this (or myself… probably more myself). It’s either that, or I’m a bit of a masochist (mayhaps).

Following on the heels of all that, if you are following my other blog (I sure hope you are), you may have noted that I have inundated it with haiku… haikus.. um.. I honestly don’t know how to pluralize that word.. I mean is it like one deer/two deer or like mouse/mice or moose/mooses*?? Anyway.. I have been writing a bunch of them and adding a bit of explanation behind them at the bottom. There is just something about writing haiku/haikus/haikooses that just make me happy. I even went so far as to write a haiku about a cinquain and a cinquain about a haiku!!! I know, right! INSANE!!!! When will it stop!?!


(insert booming voice over crackling PA system here)

Ok, fine, maybe the booming mic thing should have gone before the ‘never’… maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate by crossing the streams like that… maybe I need to be on meds.


Anyway.. there was a point and I really don’t remember what it was. Something about being happy or finding a silver lining or losing the playbook. Wait. What?


And after typing all that, I still can’t believe I am going to publish this for the world to read (or at least the 10 of you that do.. but you are the world to me.. so.. BOOM!)

Ok, I think that’s enough rambling…

For now.

*Yeah, I know mooses isn’t correct, it’s just fun to mess with people.


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