garfield_mondayI hit the ground, feet at full run, and yet, somehow, I still end up with my face on the floor, scrambling to catch up. I put a fire out, only to have three more sprout up around my dancing feet. As my toes dance to keep the chaos under control, my hands attempt to continue to juggle the load that keeps having objects thrown into the mix. I know it’s only a matter of time before I drop them all, because in this ruckus, it is an all or nothing option. Somehow, I find a groove in the midst of the storm, rocking this way and spinning that, as the winds of work buffett me to and fro like the waves of a violent ocean.

Off in the distance…

Somewhere out past the horizon…

I can see it.

The sun, peeking through the clouds and shedding brilliant rays of hope on my captivity, awaits me…

Just passed 5 o’clock.20150326_093550


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