Explanations Are in Order…

They really aren’t. I don’t know why people feel the need to have the details of a situation. Does it make you feel better if you know all the ‘deets’ surrounding why someone did or did not do something? Sure, it might help you understand their reasoning better, but more often than not, those ‘reasons’ are eskewed into excuses by your own justifications.

And I have no idea why I just ranted about that… cause it really isn’t where I was going. I might be harboring a bit of angst or something. Hrm, might have to look into that.

The reason I really wrote the title was because I am currently in the midst of trying to organize my research paper for my English class. It’s a thousand words or 7 pages… which don’t even come close to adding up, so I am confused by all that. Due to the paper, though, I have been writing a lot of short (read, really short) stuff on my fiction blog (mostly haiku).

So, if you are wondering where all the stories have gone, well, I’m hoping in a few days they will return. As of now, a lot of my energy is focused on this paper.

And if you haven’t noticed the plethora of haiku I have been spitting out recently.. what are you waiting for? Go check them out! Please.


5 thoughts on “Explanations Are in Order…

  1. I try not to make the presumption that my justifications automatically supersede another’s own justifications for the decisions they make. If I am questioning someones justifications, context provides clarity, which often leads to understanding. Not necessarily agreement, but understanding. It’s important!

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    1. Seriously, I started to write all that, got to the point where I was like.. that’s not where I was going.. was going to delete it and said.. meh, let’s see what people say. Should be entertaining. 😀


  2. You should read the paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff I delete from my blogs when I go off on tangents explaining why I just wrote what I did. Or maybe not. It’s boring (or confusing) stuff. Which is why I delete it. ^_^

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