Finals Finally…

Another Saturday. Another morning spent at Panera’s working on homework. I just got done working on some astronomy extra credit work, a kind of final review for the final exam. It was a nice little review that had me talking about galaxies (some of them even far, far, away) and star types (did you know there are several ways to classify stars), to Titan (the moon of Saturn, not the old dudes in Greek mythology).

But, this will be my last week coming to Panera’s to study for this semester. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing. Next week, if I come here, it’s going to be to work on my writing. Not the short haiku’s that I have been plopping out over the last week or two, but the deeper longer stuff.

I might even figure out how to use Scrivener, something I bought a while back and just recently started trying to figure out how to use. It’s a pretty neat program from what I can tell, but I know I’m only scratching the surface of it at the moment. The fun part is going to be importing all my work into it and organizing it so I can see where I am at with all those stories and books I have been ‘working’ on.

But, rest assured, when the summer semester begins, I’ll probably be right back here trying to study Spanish or Oceanography. Cause, you know, if you don’t know a foreign language, it’s always best to cram it into a 6 week summer class…

Seriously.. there has to be something wrong with me….

So.. here’s to finals week.finals-baby

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