I’m a tad opinionated. I’m a tad judgemental. I’m a tad critical. And by tad, I mean… a whole heaping spoonful of it. I am often heard saying something like:

I have an opinion and everyone has the right to hear it.

I think it only fair that I be open to hear others opinions on things, after all, if they have to suffer through my brilliance, I should be able to suffer through their drivel Or… is that the other way around… I get so confused sometimes.

Religion, politics, soda choices, why or why not Jar Jar Binks is the worst creation ever (for the record.. totally the worst)… or any other stuff you want to talk about… I’m all ears to have that conversation. However, there is but one rule that I follow when it comes to this stuff.

Rule #1) You are not going to change my mind, as much as I recognize I’m not going to change yours on this matter, therefore, we can discuss our opinions/beliefs/faith/whatever with the understanding that I am going to respect your opinion as much and as long as you respect mine.

<deep breath>

And though that is a long rule, it is one that I hold very highly. If I feel at any time in our discussion you are abusing this rule, I will make it a point to express this to you, politely. If you continue to trounce on it, treating me like anything I say is wrong, I will go into shutdown mode and just stop talking to you. If further offense happens, there is a pretty good chance I am going to get a large hammer and smash you in the face with it… figuratively that is… cause, seriously, no one can be that sure about anything.

And here’s where I get the push back from most people. Mind you, I am a Christian and what I just said may seem contradictory… however, if you think that, well, let me just say, you’re wrong. And here’s why…

We can’t be certain of anything. Science, religion, politics, nor…anything. This is where faith has to step in. HAS TOO. It’s that thing that no atheist wants to admit they have and that no religious person wants to admit they don’t. Scientist try everything in their power to erase it. And yet, no matter what any of us do, it’s still there. It bridges the gap between what we absolutely know and what we want to be real.

Every Christian has to have it, it is the only way to please God, and yet, they do everything they can not to have to live by it. Every atheist I have ever met tells me they don’t have it, going so far as to yell at me because I tell them that it takes faith to believe in nothing. See, it’s that little word, believe. Scientists rely on faith so much I think they make most Christians look weak in comparison. Seriously, how do you tell the world that the stuff you can’t see is called dark matter… but… we can’t prove it, we just think it’s there.

And there is the rub about faith.

Either you have faith


You’re a moron who blindly accepts things because someone told you it was true.

(which, by the way, could be defined as faith also)

So which is it?

That usually shuts down their arguments, at which point I reiterate my rule to them.

Yes, I have an opinion and you have the right to hear it. The reciprocal is true also…  and my reason for this is simple. Opinions are a great way to get to know someone. I don’t have to agree with yours, you don’t have to agree with mine, and look, we can continue to be friends who enrich each others lives because we see things differently.

I mean, isn’t that kind of what it’s really about, anyway?

And, that’s my opinion on that…

I’m just saying…

But I’m serious about Jar Jar Binks..

Worst Character EVER!
Worst Character EVER!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company.”


6 thoughts on “Here’s My Opinion…

  1. I have all kinds of faith that I can’t really know anything for certain… and that’s what makes me Agnostic. All of that uncertainty, and my absolute faith that no one can know for sure… about anything. Or can they? ^_^

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