Well, I get a little over a week off between my last final exam (which I have to write tonight), and the start of the summer semester. I’m going to be taking Spanish I and Intro to Oceanography. I’ve been told Oceanography is an easy class, which is good, because I think I am going to need all the time I can get to learn Spanish.

Did I mention Summer semester is only 6 weeks long? Then I start Spanish 2 and College Computing. I don’t think there is a break there. So, after this next ten days, I am going to be back into the books and working steadily toward my Master’s degree (which is still a ways away.)

So, what better time than now to take a vacation!? Yep, vacation time. Or rather, stay-cation time. Sleeping in late, doing what I want, catching up on House of Cards and Daredevil on Netflix. I might even play a video game or read a book. *GASP* (yeah, I need to finish The Last Battle still)

Yeah, 4 months is a long time to put a book on hold.

I might even figure out how to use Scrivener.. wouldn’t that be an amazing thing!

Regardless, whatever I chose to do… writing will be a part of it, and so will tea. Lots and lots of tea. And maybe some coloring too…

Stay-cations are the best.


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