Writing, Breaks, and Questions…

So, I need to take a break from the project I am working on. It’s a reworking of a flash fiction I wrote called, “They Made a Mistake…“. It’s kind of a dark story, and one that although I am enjoying writing, is really difficult to write.  I’m turning it into a short story that is going to be about 10,000 words and once finished, will be one of the longer stories I have ever written.

So, here’s an interesting question… does that fall into the short story category? According to some, yes it does, according to others, nope. One place says 1.000 to 20,000 is a short story, another says nothing over 2500 words.

Then there is the whole… how do I publish it? Do I sell it (that would be cool), do I release it in parts on my fiction blog, do I release it as a whole on there (seems like it would be WAY too long to do that), or what?

If you have any comments, experience with any of this, or just want to throw in your 2 cents, let me hear (or read as it would be) what you have to say on the matter down below in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Writing, Breaks, and Questions…

  1. If you’re looking to submit it anywhere in particular, go by their standards or definitions for what’s considered a “short story”.
    Otherwise, I’ve seen the definition vary as well. It can be anywhere from 1k to 20k words to more depending on who you ask. 18k+ seems to be pushing into novella territory.
    I’ve written a few 20k-ish word stories and published them on KDP under short stories. They’re obviously on the longer side for short stories but they’re short in my opinion and no one’s complained about their length yet.
    Curious what others have to input.

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      1. Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to self-publish on Kindle/Amazon. You retain all rights and can get (considerably hefty) royalties as well.
        A friend of mine has done amazingly well for himself through KDP–enough so that he’s paying his bills just writing. I on the other hand haven’t fared so well, making only $1.35 or so last month. But my work is out there for people to read. Something worth looking into.

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  2. You could try and write another two or three at the same length and put it out as an anthology.

    If you are considering the KDP route, make sure your stuff is edited well and has a good cover, as a bare minimum. People do judge a book by its cover and they slam bad editing in their reviews. (Even if you’ve had it edited, they still slam it, but at least it’ll be one or two negative reviews about it and not every review – which I have seen.)

    If you do want to post it on your fiction blog, maybe you can break it down into part 1, part 2, part 3, etc

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