We are Borg…

Funny conversation happened today, one that not only lends itself to the sheer level of weirdness that I have, but also reveals a level of the geek that my wife and I share with each other. Might I just say, our geek level individually is kind of funny, together however… it’s just down right scary.

Here, let me set the scene for you…

We are walking through the mall after binge watching 4 episodes of the Daredevil show (what better way to spend the first day of my summer vacation.. in which I got up and went to the corner store to get myself a job… wait.. wrong story..) when we ran into a friend of ours who happened to be out walking her granddaughter around. This woman is a very dear friend to my wife and has been like a second mom to her. My wife tells me about some of the happenings that go on in this woman’s life, and like a good husband, I half listen.

And such was the case with this particular grandchild. It turns out that it was not grandchild number 3, but number 5 and not from her oldest daughter but her youngest. Easy mistakes, sure.. but then my wife decided to help me understand the rank and file that this child fit into and she said… this is 1 of 3.

Instantly, I got this. Instantly I decided that as my grandchildren are brought into this world that they shall have such designations in their life. Instantly… everything was clear.

My son’s children will be 1 of 1, 2 of 1, and so forth,Jeri_Ryan-7of9_011 and my daughter’s will be 1 of 2, 2 of 2.. and so forth…

I was overjoyed with this… as I am sure Gene Roddenberry and Jerry Ryan would be also. I quickly shared my idea with my wife and my daughter (whom also happened to be with us) and got the gleeful look of overjoyed approval from my wife and the scorned look of disapproval and disgust from my 20-year-old daughter.

As we continued on our way I only had one regret in all of this…

I totally should have had more kids.

3 thoughts on “We are Borg…

    1. My wife just made a comment that she didn’t like this article merely on the fact that I never mentioned that Jerry Ryan played 7 of 9… my thought was.. if people don’t get it.. well.. should they?

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