Long Needed…

As I said last week (I think it was last week), I am on vacation this week (I think I am.. if not, I might be in a lot of trouble…). Over the last two days, my wife and I spent some time out-of-town as we headed up toward Orlando, the home of those money pits that are better known as ‘amusement parks‘.

Two nights and two days at Universal Studios, visiting Harry Potter and… apparently… unbeknownst to most people.. there are actually other areas of the park to see. Crazy, right? However, as I am not a huge HP person (unless that HP is followed by a Lovecraft.. and even then, not so much), I actually knew about those other portions of the park. Suessland, or Cat-In-The-Hat-Ville.. or whatever that area is called is one of my favorite, followed by the Marvel area and the Toon Town.

Granted, I’m not much of a ride person and so I tend to be a boring person to go with. Something about motion sickness or abject terror toward roller coasters or something that just ruins the day for me after only going on a ride or two. However, I did suffer through a few of them to the glee (and immediate regret) of my wife.

The first ride, on the first day was something to do with flying through Hogwarts’ (I really don’t know the name, nor did I really care), and as we got off, I really wasn’t feeling all that well. A wee bit of nausea maybe, but I was out of sorts. Then, the wife realized… (dun dun DUNN), she lost her phone on the ride.

And thus.. the only photo from our entire trip that she got to take was on the bus ride over from the hotel room. (A ride, I might add, did not cause me any discomfort except in the wallet and anxiety area).

See how happy she is?
See how happy she is?

Yep… she was that tourist. (this is where I sit and shake my head).

So, after a few minutes of letting the staff know, and them letting her know there was nothing they could do till the end of the night, we continued with her torturing of me our ride extravaganza.

Other then the phone incident, the first day was great. We got to do everything she we wanted to do, and even skipped a ride or two that I knew would just make my day horrible (even though she did mock me to a group of girls that she rode Doctor Doom’s Fearfall with.. or as I like to call it.. “Seriously, something is wrong with you”).

We met up with a good friend around lunch, had a great time just chilling for the rest of the afternoon, then headed out to meet up with our son and my dad and his fiance for dinner. Fast forwarding past that (not that it wasn’t a great time, but… it’s kind of boring unless you are into family style conversations, and then, just fill in this spot with some of the ones you have had).

Abject Objection...
Abject Objection
The smile... how do you say no to this?
The smile… how do you say no to this?

The next day, our son was lucky enough to have off, and ended up joining us at the park. Guess it’s nice to live in Orlando for that reason. However, prior to him showing up, as we sat outside Cinnabon enjoying a tasty treat and coffee, my wife informed me that I would have to ride several of the rides with our son because that is what good father’s do. I abjective objection to this was met with a smile.

A smile. That was it. As if she knew that was all it was going to take to get me to ride all those rides with the two of them. Fine.. it is.. but that’s SOOO not the point…

Anyway, our son joined us, and we proceeded back to Harry Potter’s world cause he has never ridden the train between the two parks and hasn’t been on Grimgot’s or Grimgold’s or Grimlock’s or Grimm’s Fairy Tales… whatever it was, it was grim and in a vault. So, we boarded the train…

It's like the Weasley's...
This is not going to Clarksville is it?

And headed over there to ride yet another ride or gut wrenching dizziness. On a side note.. with all the money they are making, it is no wonder they have a vault guarded by a fire-breathing dragon…


My son chided me about not riding on any of the roller coasters, I chided him on the fact that I am better looking and just didn’t need to prove anything, my wife chided us on just shutting up and enjoying the day… so..

Chiding happened…9502_10153239004732999_5198515168978621606_nButterbeer happened…

Mmmm... Butterbeer.
Mmmm… Butterbeer.

And… well… this, this happened…

Sailor's gotta sail...
Sailor’s gotta sail…

Don’t judge…

But, yeah, it was a nice two days away.

But now I am back to once again harass the internet with my meanderings…

And elipses.


Now… for the obligatory photo’s of the trip…

(some of which were taken by our son)



5 thoughts on “Long Needed…

  1. You couldn’t pay me to go to Florida, but it looks like y’all are having fun. I did, however live in Virginia right near Busch Gardens and my teenagers constantly badgered me to go on rides. Ha! I’m like you… don’t wanna. Not gonna. There are lots of other interesting things at parks to do other than rides so they did their thing and I did mine.

    It did make things difficult when I went with dates though, so I feel your conflict when your wife wants to and you don’t. I have a picture somewhere of me on a roller coaster (Aplengeist, it had just opened) clinging to the shoulder harness for dear life, eyes closed and terrified… while my date, who was sitting right next to me, has his hands in the air with an ecstatic look on his face. It’s like we’re on two different rides. But at least I tried, right? I mean… nothing says “romantic” like waiting for your partner to get off the ride you just don’t feel like going on.

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