Lunch Time Musings…

Lunch time was particularly good today. Not the food. Although, that wasn’t bad either. How do you go wrong with Tijuana Flats on Cinco de Mayo? Ok, I’m sure there are ways you can, but… so not the point.

2015-05-05 15.26.14

(scribble book… I think I like that)

No, today, while sitting at lunch with my little scribble book splayed out before me, I took pen in hand and plopped out 6 different haiku’s in a matter of a few minutes. Some were lines that I had toyed with over the past few days, but for the most part they were all inspired at that high top around the corner where I usually sit.

Previously, on my haiku, I was adding little tidbits underneath them, but recently I have changed that. Part of the reason is that those tidbits were more non-fictional, and I felt they belonged over here on my non-fictional side. But that would mean I would have to pull the haiku over here also, and thus, my quandary began… how to merge my two worlds without cannibalizing what I have worked so hard to split apart over the last 5 months.

I think I have an answer, and that being in the form of re-blogging. I notice a few of the people I follow do it, and I was thinking why not. I just tweak a few of the settings, and don’t double post on my Facebook page and I should be fine.

Should be…

I even worked out the visualization of a poem I wrote a week or two ago. Short, more like a sentence, but, poetry none the less.

Hope you check out my other page to see what I have been working on… or stay tuned here as I re-blog some of those haiku with the background information in them… still not so sure so opinions are welcome…

But, yeah, good lunch.


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