Life Lessons…

I got straight A’s in my spring semester of college. That’s right, for all the ranting and raving I did about how much I was really dreading all that reading, I ended up with straight A’s. Woot to me! And here is where the life lessons begin. Back in 1993.. wayback-machine When I first started attending college (while I was in the Navy, a husband and a dad) I didn’t fare so well in my courses. I earned a few B’s and C’s, 1 D and 2 F’s. Yep, I got two F’s… and the story behind those bottom three grades is worth the telling, however, not pertinent to the point. So, fast forward 20 years when I decide to go back to school and finally finish my degree and here I sit with a GPA below 2.5. Desperately low and in danger of putting me on some kind of watch list… on my first day back. First semester, I take one class. Psychology. And pull an A. Now, next semester, I pull down 3 more. I get super excited and really happy about how well I’m doing, and then go look at my GPA, thinking I surely have had to bring it up. I mean, come on, 4 A’s is nothing to balk at, right? Wrong. It firmly sits at a 2.61 as of today. pi5e4yXiBSo… there’s that. And I begin to think… how can I fix this? I know. I’ll just re-take those classes that I got low grades in, and BLAMMO (I’m sure that is a trademarked word.. but.. eh). So I look into it, see the old classes and try to… find. . . They don’t exist. Who would have thunk it? A class I took 20 years ago doesn’t exist. And there is nothing I can do to remove those classes from my transcript. Double that face from up above. Here is where the life lesson’s come in, especially for those of you who happen to be under the age of 25.

What you do now will have consequences to your life later on, no matter how trivial or banal you think it might be…

Including just coasting through classes… So, for now, I have to buckle down and do my best just to get my GPA into the 3.0 range… not sure that it is something that I have to do for entry into my B.A. or M.A, or if it affects my financial aid… but… Seriously.. I can’t let my wife have a better GPA then me. That just won’t do.


8 thoughts on “Life Lessons…

  1. The good news is that schools tend to view very favorably students who started in one GPA range and then, later on, consistently maintained a much higher one. It might take a lot of classes to change the overall GPA, but that won’t be the most important measure depending on your objectives!

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  2. Congrats! You ARE awesome 🙂 I was 50 when I went back to school for a master’s degree, and people told me the competition from younger students would be too tough, that I’d been out of the loop too long.

    They couldn’t have said anything to make me more determined. I showed them!

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