What’s in a Name Anyway…

I just got done writing an entry into Grammar Ghoul’s Mutant 750 prompt. In doing so, I added another entry into my sci-fi military squad’s story collection. A group that up until today, I never really had a name for, and just ended up referring to them by their names or something like GCF*. That really didn’t have the ring I wanted, but I couldn’t come up with anything that I liked.

Until today. 

That’s right, Sergeant Hawkins and his group of merry misfits finally have a name.

Drop Team Bravo.

So, yeah. Just thought i would share that. I even went back and tagged all the stories featuring them as DTB so it is easily found in the lists.

As a side note, Cyrius Day is also tagged, if you are interested.

Eventually, I want to take these stories, expand on them, maybe make a book of short stories or a full blown novel.

Wouldn’t that be something.


One day.

*GCF is Galactic Council Forces


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