Confuddled About Stats…

WordPress stats just confuse me.

Am I the only one?You would think that something like that wouldn’t be all that confusing.

Visitors, views, likes, comments..

I mean, it should be incredibly easy to understand.

And yet…


Yesterday I had the absolute best day for likes on my page, a total of 37, and I only had 9 visitors and 14 views.

Ok, barring the fact that those numbers seem incredibly low to begin with… I’m not really sure how those numbers correlate. Sure, there is the reader and people just clicking like on the post without opening, I suppose. Not sure how that would account for such a large margin of difference though because that would have to be a large portion of the likes, well into the 60% range.

And then…(there is always a “and then…” isn’t there?) What about the links back from Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media sites that the posts are linked too? Do those get counted also? I know I have several people from Facebook that click on my links and read the stuff from my blog and if they are included in the visitor number, then the discrepancy of likes to visits increases (unless those likes are included, which I do not believe they are due to the notification of each and every like that we get when someone likes our stuff).

So… here I sit.

Confuddled* about stats.

Because last time I checked… 1 +1 = 2

But WordPress doesn’t seem to use the same math.

20140206_101014Yep.. confuddled.

Confuddled – d. the state of being confused, muddled and irritated… all at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Confuddled About Stats…

  1. My other WP site will tell me in the top corner that maybe a half dozen people have liked my post. But the stats will say i have 3 views. So I’m not sure it is always accurate,

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  2. This is precisely why I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to stats. Check them, sure–want to know SOMEONE out there is reading my stuff–but I have enough problem with numbers already!

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