Being back in college has caused me to truly grasp how stupid I am.

No, not in the unintelligent way, although as of late, that has been a thought because learning Spanish is quite the Herculean task…

I mean more in the common sense department. As in, I really should have probably applied myself more in those days so that I wouldn’t have to apply myself so much right now.

But no… at 15, 16 and 17 I knew everything I needed to know about life, love and the pursuit of happiness and none of that had to do with high school or education. As a matter of fact, high school was nothing more than a place I went in order to see friends (what few I actually had who would claim me in public settings).

Come to think of it, I kind of hated high school. Somewhere along the road through middle school I got shoveled to the side of the road and was playing catch-up for the next few years, and as the cog of education seems to be, it just keeps churning, regardless of who it chews up in the process. Mind you, I don’t blame the system for my lack of participation in my own life, however it did play into it.

I loved math, I loved science, I kind of disliked English and I abhorred any P.E. class there was. With my love of math and science, you would assume that I would truly enjoy chemistry, and yet it was one of my worst classes. There was a concept that  just didn’t grasp that may have been due to me missing a few key classes that explained the whole process…oops. Phys ed classes were nothing more than jocks picking on geeks. This was in a time when geeks were not chic and I was one of the targets that the jocks zeroed in on. Might have been my love of D&D, my intense draw to all things computer related, or the fact that at 17 I was 6′ tall and weighed in at maybe 160 pounds. That’s a big maybe by the way.

Whatever it was, I was the dork (was… is…. semantics) that got bullied by any guy who cold lift things up and put them down.

a7e3294d8301f3103836f4dc4236632bd438ebf01b1cc656c55208e5a18288a6Oddly enough, one of the guys who decided that he needed to exert his presence upon my life in high school looked a lot like this guy. But… that’s enough of that memory lane nightmare flashback…

So there you have it. From math and science geek extraordinaire to English major…

Weird how 20 plus years of your life can change the way you view things.

Cause math is hard these days…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Land of Confusion.”

4 thoughts on “School’s Cool…

  1. Math has always been the worst for me. Always. I wasn’t popular in school, but I had stoner friends, though I wasn’t a stoner… If that makes sense. That helped keep the popular kids off my back.High school cliques were difficult to navigate!

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      1. We were a tight knit circle of friends. Without them, I wouldn’t have survived. After high school though, we scattered like leaves on the wind. I don’t think I’ve heard hide nor hair from any of them (but one) in decades.

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