Chicken or Egg?

It’s been kind of a dark day over on the fiction blog. I’m not going to lie, some of that has to do with all this stuff going on inside of me bleeding its way out. I know I should be concerned about it and talk it out with a counselor or something, but there is this part of me that kind of relishes the chaos that it is creating.

See, I have looked into the lives of some of my favorite authors and writers and each one of them had this destructive aspect to their lives. So I am left with a curiousness to whether they are great writers because of the darkness or was the darkness a result of their great writing…


Hence the name of the post.

I would list out the author’s and all their stuff, but, I’m sure you already know most of them. Drinkers, family issues, drug addicts. I don’t really see the word ‘stable’ being used a lot, or for that fact ‘good up bringing’. It really does start to make you wonder, doesn’t it.

Are we messed up people drawn to the media of literature, using our medium to express a world we wish we could live in, or fix, or… I don’t know, something.

Or are we writers that realize inside of the literature is a need to express emotions and reveal ourselves, peeling back the layers and letting it all out, thereby exposing ourselves to a rawness that others are never entreated too.

As I think about it, I am going to call this the ‘Exposed Wire’ theory. Are we exposed wires trying to insult ourselves or wires that strip ourselves bare in order to expose what is underneath.

I think I might have to explore this more. After all, isn’t that what Luke Skywalker did?

Dark Empire Trilogy

Dark Empire Trilogy

(Ok, if you made it this far, most of this is satire. Some of it is true. And, yes, I may, or may not, be seeing a counselor.)

1 thought on “Chicken or Egg?

  1. I wondered the same. Why is their work great? Is the pain they have inside helping them create such a wonderful things?
    What I never thought about was if the greatness led them to their pain (darkness) 🙂

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