When it comes to honesty, I have two very diametrically opposed viewpoints.

One… if we are being honest here, honesty tends to be brutal, so if you ask for my honest opinion, put on your big kid panties and buckle up because I am going to give you my honest answer and chances are, you are not going to like it. Criticism falls into this category, and like criticism, we all say we want it but none of us want the negative side of it. We want the roses and the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ because we want to reassure our fragile egos that we are good enough.

Then, when I come along and I blast you with the honesty that you are asking for, you get butt-hurt and scamper away calling me rude and uncaring, brutish and untactful, or worse… not politically correct. Which opens up a whole nother can of worms. Seriously, who ever thought of this political correctness garbage just needs to be keel hauled on a ship that has never had its bottom cleaned after 25 years of service. Twice (keel hauled twice that is). Mainly because the form that political correctness has taken is one of censorship, and seriously folks, I’m allowed to have an opinion and it most likely will disagree with yours. Get over it.

That being said, it leads me to my other viewpoint on honesty. Honesty is not a right for someone to be rude. We are humans after all, and we should do everything to make sure that we better each other and not tear each other apart. Leave that to the animals (which I understand is where some people believe we came from, although I do not… and hey, that’s ok.).

Covering up being a jerk by claiming honesty is like taking a dump on someone’s front porch and saying that it’s ok because we use to poop in the woods. To those who do that I say… Grow up. (I am speaking to myself here also, as I have done this… so, recognize I am writing this to myself as well).

Interestingly enough, all of this is very apropos at the moment due to the current reveal of Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. The internet is abuzz with opinion and backlash to those opinions. It is awash in a firestorm of intolerance and kudos by those with varying opinions. Christians are being lambasted for decreeing their opinion on the matter and being called judgemental because they think he she is wrong. Others are calling him her a hero for doing this and going public.

Either way you split it, the reality is we are ALL wrong. Not in expressing our opinions on how we feel, but by berating those who disagree with our ideology on the matter. And as I said earlier, grow up people!

Can’t we respect another persons viewpoint? Can’t we honor them for having their own thoughts? Can’t we revel in the idea that we have the ability to express ourselves and aren’t censored?

Or is that just too much to ask?

Honestly, can’t we all just get along?

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Truth or Dare."

For the record, my crossing out of the names is not a slight, it is merely an indication that I recognize his her previous self with his her new self. So, if you think it was a slight, maybe you are the one looking for the fight.


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