Wherefore Art Thou, Government…

With the ever-present presence of the United States government looming larger and larger as Keynesian economics takes a more firm grip on the majority of those in ‘power’, I am afraid for our future as a society. The spirit of entrepreneurship that ran rampant through this great country in years past is being squashed by the ever gorging bottomless pit that is Washington D.C.

More and more we, as a country, are looking to our government to save us from ourselves. The concept of personal responsibility seems to have died out long ago, and now the burden has been placed on the masses by the rule of those that dictate themselves out of the process. Seems kind of ironic to me that those in charge don’t want to be subjected to the same treatment that they put into place.

And yes, this tends to be rhetoric that gets espoused every time someone isn’t happy with how the government works.

But don’t you think it’s time something is done?

We were founded as a federated republic, which means that we have a voice through our representative electees to the seat of our government. Instead of allowing them to dictate to us how things should be, should we not make our voices heard and let them know when we agree or disagree with what they are doing. Their livelihood depends on them being re-elected (and by livelihood I speak of the enormous amounts of money they make for campaigning, not the paltry sum that they actually make… which brings up an entirely different point of contention), and if we don’t agree with them or feel as if they are representing our best interests, then out with them I say.

Sure, your topics do not match mine, and I am sure they don’t match the corporations or individuals who are making back door deals to override our voices, but far be it for us to simply sit down and say “What can I do about it.” Isn’t it time we embraced the spirit of our forefathers and rise up as a nation that speaks boldly and loudly the phrase of independence so apropos to then and now…


Ours is not a society of small voices, but of large masses. Currently, those large masses are being drowned out by those who have a heart and passion to scream loudly of their policies. Small interest groups, the aforementioned corporations and individuals, and dozens other who, although they have the right to voice their opinions, should not represent the majority.

I don’t know how to fix the government. I don’t know if we stood up and raised our voices for them to hear that they would do anything. However, I do know that if we sit idly by believing that our voice means nothing, we have no right to complain about the current state of affairs that we are subjected too.

Seriously… American’s, stand up and shout loudly. Let your voices be heard. Vote, get involved, and stop letting them dictate to us what is and is not fair or equitable.

It’s our right as citizens of the United States of America.

More so…it’s our responsibility.

/drops mic

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Dear Leader."

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