Losing Sight…

Losing Sight...

Risk is dangerous. Risk is costly. Risk is… well, risk (and for those who said something about a board game, that game is horrible and you should stop playing it). Many people don’t have the courage to take a risk. Sadly, when someone sees someone taking a risk, criticism seems to be the primary weapon deployed. Worse, when that risk doesn’t pan out, everyone jumps on it like a wake of vultures on a carcass.

For example, this last super bowl. When the Seahawks decided to pass the ball instead of run it, the play failed costing them the victory. The world screamed (well, the Seahawk fan’s screeched) at what an idiot play that was. No one could believe that he did that, not with Lynch in the backfield, a guy who easily could have walked in to the endzone.

And yet, if that pass would have connected, and the Seahawk’s won, everyone would have touted the phenomenal play and how the coach was truly amazing, and blah, blah, blah.

The risk was the same in either circumstance. The only difference was in the outcome. Hero to zero in no time flat, just because of what?

Yet, not a single person who made those derogatory comments benefited or lost from the risk (not including the gambling aspect.. but that’s a different story altogether). And yet, these are the loudest. Why? In my opinion it’s because they don’t value the risk, they just judge the outcome, because they have no investment whatsoever in any part of it.

They are, at the very finest version of the definition, nothing more than critics (I know it’s the written word so you can’t see the sarcasm dripping off of it they way it should, but just imagine it as you read that line again). And whenever I hear the word critic, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes ever:


Teddy nailed it (or whoever the speech writer was…credit where credit is due and all).

So next time you see a risk and think that safety is the best call, just remember, you will never reach new places unless you are willing to lose sight of the place that you currently are. No matter the outcome, because risk takers discover the things that other people are too afraid to even look for.


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