Visitor’s Welcome…

So, it’s just a question, but…

Why do churches feel the need to advertise that visitors are indeed welcome? Ok, sure, there are many things that boggle my mind, like for instance scream metal, gauges (the earring type), and parents who let their 13-year-old kids walk around the mall alone on a Friday/Saturday night. But, besides those, this one ranks pretty high on my list of things that leave me looking like this…


This question derives from my everyday drive to work. You see, on this drive I pass a church (I probably pass several, but that is beside the point). But, the other day, in a brief moment of “I just got my coffee and I’m kind of waking up after driving for 20 minutes” I noticed this electronic sign that this church has in its front lawn. They put it up several months ago, however, in my morning stupor of what I affectionately call ‘I’m not awake yet’, I rarely pay attention to it. But not on this day. No. On this day, I saw it.

Visitor’s Welcome

For some reason, those two words struck me like a frozen chicken being launched at a cockpit’s window.


And my brain started on this really long bunny trail that has led me to posting about it on my blog.

So, I have to ask, why?

I mean, are there churches out there that don’t accept visitors? To which point I have to say, if there are, are they really a church?

Are people under the impression that churches don’t want visitors? Ok, fine, the people in the church may make people outside the church feel that way, and to them I say… bad Christian, be more Christ-like. But that’s different-ish.

Do churches have a maximum capacity so when they reach occupancy level, do they not accept new visitors? Doesn’t seem very Heavenly minded, I mean, could you imagine if Heaven had a capacity limit, God would turn to Peter, Paul or Mary and be like, “Well, we are all full up. Flip the switch.”


Yeah, I know, it all seems silly. But welcome to the way my brain processes stuff. Everything, for the most part, seems silly. Like, why do people look into the hanky after they blow their nose? What bit of wisdom are they looking for?


I think the real reason that it bothers me is more because it’s a touch impersonal, if that touch were coming from your strange uncle Eddy whom everyone says is a wee-bit too familiar, if you know what I mean. Even in this social-media heavy population, it comes across as impersonal, and that’s says a lot.

Whatever happened to just inviting people. Isn’t that how it all started anyway. Jesus telling two friends who told two friends who told two friends.. you get the point.


Or, maybe I’m just wrong.

But I don’t think so.


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