Fall Semester 2015…

Well, school is back in session. First day was yesterday, and so far I’m feeling overwhelmed by the course load. But, before I go into that, let me back up just a few days…


I check my progress toward my degree. Just need 7 credits. No biggie. I sign up for an American Lit class (online), and then two history classes, both American of course. (you can start playing the Star Spangled Banner anytime you like). Turns out the history classes are express classes and won’t start until two weeks after my Lit class, and I think… meh, I crushed Spanish during the summer, I got this.

This Monday

My first day back from vacation. I was getting back into my groove of being back at work, feeling pretty good about the week and looking forward to starting my American Lit class, even though it is 1865 and before. You see, I’m not a huge fan of literature pre 1900’s, mainly because I don’t want to decipher the words while I read them and them folk used some weird words. Need I remind everyone of the suffering at Shakespeare’s pen during high school? Ok, exactly that.

I figured, I would just ease myself into the class, like slipping into a really hot bathe, and get accustomed to it before my other two classes started in a few weeks. It was going to be a good semester.

Then… Tuesday

Being the diligent student, I checked my class schedule and did a quick scan of my progress. I don’t know why, but something was just feeling… off. I had my 9 credits, I only needed 7, and 7 of those were suppose to be electives. I should be fine, right? But better to be doubly secure.

Tap.. tap.. tap… I email my counselor, and just ask if I’m reading it right and I’m set to graduate after the fall semester. Need to make sure it’s all squared away after all.

Her Response

Well…. actually…. no.

Wait.. what? What do you mean no? How is it no? What am I missing? How did this happen to me? Why me, God? Why ME!?!?

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic (it was, it totally was), but through emails back and forth, I came to realize that the classes I was signed up for were core requirement classes and didn’t count toward the 7 credits of electives I needed.


You mean… I won’t graduate in the fall? I’ll be 7 credits shy? I’m a failure? Again? Why, God, why me?

I went through the 5 steps of grief fairly quickly.

  • Denial.. she has to be wrong
  • Anger… this can’t be happening to me
  • Depression… yeah, let’s just assume I skipped this step
  • Bargaining… come on, can’t we just make an exception here, just for me? I won’t tell
  • Acceptance… truthfully, I’m still working on this part

The Bargaining Phase…

I tossed around the idea of just pushing back my graduation to Spring. Besides, that’s when most people graduate, right? But, I didn’t want too. I had already set my eyes on the prize, and my goal was just three months away. Then I could move on to the next phase, and continue forward. No, I didn’t want to wait (yep, I’m kind of impatient).

So, my counselor emailed me a list of classes that I could take that would satisfy those 7 credits, and the realization that it meant that I would be adding two full classes to the 3 I was taking already, and a Saturday class, started to set in. I did the math in my head (had to use my fingers AND toes) adding up my job, my classes, my writing, my 25th year anniversary to plan, my wife to murder and Guilder to blame for it.. ..


Opps… sorry about that. But I have this nagging feeling that there’s something I’m forgetting… hrm.. oh, my family.. yeah, they’ll totally understand…

When I finally finished doing all that addition, got my shoes back on, and had time to ponder options, I came up with one single solitary fact:

I was not going to have a life if I proceeded on this course of action.


So, there it was. Either push-off my graduation till Spring, delaying my goal by six months, or add those 7 credits and get lost in so much school work that Ms. Trunchbull might actually feel bad for me (but I doubt it). I pulled up the course list, and even looked at the classes. All the facts were laid out, the pro’s and con’s list was made and it was obvious what I should do. So, I made my decision.

Decisions, Decisions…

I hit that ADD CLASS button and I hit it hard.

The button is the Brown's player.

So, yeah. I may not be the smartest bulb in the crayon pack…

But, I’m taking 16 credits worth of classes for the Fall semester!

So, if you need me, I’ll be buried in a book somewhere wondering why these words hate me so much.


8 thoughts on “Fall Semester 2015…

  1. That blaming Guilder didn’t work out so well for the last guy… you might want to ponder that some more before you go forward with it. 🙂

    Good luck with your schooling. (Psst… I totally killed at English Lit all the way back to Middle English. If you ever need help with that, I’m an email away).

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