11 of 25…

I debated on what to write for this one, and I finally decided. Why not keep it simple and go with something a bit more media centered.

So here it is, songs from our life together:

Storybook Story from the Princess Bride

This is our song (I don’t mean you can’t have it too, but this is the one that defines us the most). Period. There are other songs in our marriage, but this is the one that started it. Our wedding dance. (Yes, I love this movie, it is my absolute favorite, so much so that people can not watch this with me in the same house as I will quote it from other rooms, yelling every line out at the top of my lungs)

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting

This song came out before I went into the Navy, but it somehow became our song when I was deployed. It’s amazing how apropos it was (and still is) to our marriage and the things that are constantly going on in it.

Every time this song comes on the radio and we are in the car together, we have to sing it, much to the chagrin of our children or anyone who has to be tortured by our tone-deaf and pitchless voices.

Lonestar – Amazed

Lastly, this one is a bit more recent, and I want to say that it is the song that we danced to during one of our anniversaries. I really can’t remember, because I think we danced to Shania Twain at our 10th.. but I could be wrong. Anyway, this is such a great song, totally worth slow dancing with the wife too.

So, there you have it, three songs from our marriage. And even though cats throw shoes at us when we sing… somehow, through almost 25 years… we’ve kept it going.

As a bonus.. what’s up with Richard Marx hair.. am I right?


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