16 of 25…

With all that can be opposite about us in our marriage, there are just as many things that we have in common. Some of those, admittedly, I have drug her kicking and screaming too until she liked them, others she already had before we were married. But, finding those things and building on them, has been quite the adventure. So, without too much more fuss, here is a comprehensive list of…

The Things We Have in Common

(not so comprehensive after all)

  1. Our children (that happened after the marriage, just an FYI)
  2. A love for our children (yeah, it goes with the whole ‘having kids’ thing)
  3. Liking our children (which is an on again/off again thing for the last 23 years)
  4. Family (as in making them a priority… at least tha
  5. Cats (yep, we are cat people)
  6. The Princess Bride (nuff said)
  7. Drama (the stage kind, not the life kind)
  8. Star Wars Ch. 4, 5 & 6 (not the abominations episodes)
  9. Star Trek (we’re totally Trekkers)
  10. Doctor Who (and most BBC shows for that matter)
  11. Downton Abbey (which might be covered in point 9.. but, whatever)
  12. Coloring books (although we differ on style sometimes)
  13. Musicals (PotO, Chicago, Wicked, etc)
  14. Cartoons (Disney, Pixar, Looney Toons, Phineas and Ferb…)

As I said at the top (right above the 1st on the list), this list is not comprehensive in the least and I figured I’d end the list on the less than serious note, as well it should because anyone who takes things too seriously…

Well, my life is too serious, so I just like the light-hearted.

All that being said (and listed), the reality is that you must have some stuff in common. I mean, if you didn’t… could you just imagine? It’d be like a Klingon and a Vulcan sitting down in a room together discussing coming of age ceremonies. Excuse me, a bit of my inner geek just popped out.

Anyway…  so, that’s that.

I’m just curious, what are some of the things you have in common with your significant other?

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