22 of 25…

I make a lot of reference to The Princess Bride, partly because it is a great movie that everyone should see, and partly because in some small truth, it is the story of my wife and I.

It all started when I was about 16. I fell in love with this red-headed girl who had taken me up on a challenge and proved me wrong. That night, I began my pursuit of her, and for two years she held me back, telling me ‘no’.


No? Hrm, we will see about that…

Finally, on September 12th, 1988, she said yes. We dated for a month and a half, and that was that.

A year later, on July 3rd, we gave it another shot, just a month and a half before I departed for the Navy… which consequently I was joining because I was still in love with her and she wanted nothing to do with me.

A year later, we married.

We even have our own Fezzik and Inigo.. although I won’t tell you which one of my friends is which.

Our Humperdinck is still alive too… although neither of us could tell you where that person is. And we are better off for that.

And, we made our way back to the Fire Swamp. Built a house, and have been living there quite nicely for some time.

Oh, and we got rid of the ROUS’s. After all, we are cat people.

So, if you ever wondered why it’s my favorite movie…

Well, there you go.


4 thoughts on “22 of 25…

  1. I dont know. Am i Fezziik or Inigo? Or some other bit part? Amen on Humperdinck. I am enjoying your posts since I was there for the beginning. Now I am getting a glimpse of the years I have missed

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