25 of 25…

This morning, the sun rose in the east. A bird chirped in a tree while a dog barked from a backyard. Life was normal for most of the world. But, not for me. No, today, things were different. Today is a milestone in my life as my wife and I celebrate 25 years of wedded ‘bliss’.

I say ‘bliss’ because that implies ignorance, and if anything we have learned in these last 25 years it’s that ‘bliss’ can be dangerous. Don’t look for bliss, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Instead, look for cake. No, wait, the cake is a lie. Look for.. oh… I got it.. look for each other. Yeah. That has the right amount of sappy and romantic in it that the women just love.

Yep, I burn the brownie points just as fast as I earn them…

Anyway, it’s been 25 years since this picture…

the cake

September 15th, 1990

And for as thankful that I am that I don’t look like that anymore (can I get an Amen?), this photo represents the beginning of a journey that neither of us was ready to undertake. We were young and stupid, not heeding the advice of those who knew better. We recklessly waded into a storming ocean, expecting it to calm down the second we stepped into it (hey, it worked for Moses). When the storms came that tore our raft apart, we ignorantly held onto each other to keep what we had left, together and afloat. All in all, it’s been a great trip, and although there are some things I would totally do differently, I can’t imagine having made this journey without her by my side (even though on several occasions I did accidentally leave her behind in my hurry.. to which I was promptly corrected).

It’s hard to believe that 25 years has come and gone. Filled with some memories that I hope I never forget and some that I hope I never remember. And even though these days we have to look over a stack of college books in order to see each other, every now and again, we look at each other with a twinkle in our eyes, then reach up and shove those books right off the table and…


September 13, 2015

…get to have dinner together.


Our July 4th Tradition for the last few years

Although I am more partial to dessert.


Yeah, ok, so maybe I haven’t changed that much.

And that concludes my tribute to my wife and our marriage. Still can’t figure out why she stayed with me, or for that matter, why she said yes in the beginning. But, they say you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth… so, maybe I should just accept the fact that I’m truly blessed to married to such a wonderful woman.

Anyway… before it gets way too sappy (too late, I know)…

Happy 25th anniversary to the best person I know.

I just hope I can live up to being the man you need me to be.

Source - Stockvault - Hand silhouette in heart shape with sunset in the middle and ocean background

And here’s to 25 more.


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