The Muppets…

The Muppets are back!


And according to someone I have conversations with, the Internet is ablaze with people wanting to have the show cancelled because it’s too adult.

To that I just feel the need to say… Have you actually watched the Muppets?

Sure, the Muppets seem very much for the kids, and the recent movies would make you think they are more geared toward them, but go back and watch the original movies. Trust me, your eyes might be opened to the jokes that were thrown in there.

But anyway, I’m glad their back. The “30 Rock” meets “The Office” feel the show has… well, I’m a bit undecided about that, and Kermit saying ‘Hell’ was a bit off throwing (although Sam’s response was an awesome callback to the meeting), however on an overall rating of 1 to 10… I give it a solid 8.

Because the show totally ate my homework.. time.

And that was my futile attempt at a Waldorf and Statler moment…

Statler and Waldorf

I know, I know… worse than Fozzy.


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