Anne Bradstreet and Me…

This week, my American literature class has me doing a critical essay. Can you say, ‘Joy! What fun!” Yeah, me either. I mean, I’m all for analysing literature as when I write, I tend to have some subtext in mind, but when it comes to something that was written over 200 years ago, I kind of lose interest due to the language barrier.

I know, I know.. you’re thinking “Language barrier? But it’s American Lit?”

Yes, you are right, but a lot has changed in our language in the last fifty years, let alone 200.

Enter Anne Bradstreet. Now, Mrs. Bradstreet lived back in the mid 1600’s, was a Puritan woman, and is probably best known for her collection of poetry entitled “The Tenth Muse”. I’m sure you’ve read it.

Anyway, I chose to write about her, because in our book, there is this poem by her called Contemplations, which, oddly enough, I really like. Being a Puritan, it is definitely a bit religious in tone (that’s ok with me though). And here I am, trying my best to write 1250 words on this work of art, and be critical about it. All the while, trying to hold to an MLA standard and sound somewhat intelligent in doing so.

The first part isn’t the problem, it’s the second. How do you sound intelligent when trying to analyse a poem without coming across haughty? I’m not really sure, but I do feel that I need a hot cup of tea while doing this (pinky out, of course), and sitting in some snobbish wing-back chair while wearing a crushed velvet jacket with a monogram on it.

Well, guess I need to get back to it. Nothing to it but to do it, as they say (again, not sure who ‘they’ are, but…)

All because I decided I wanted a Master’s degree…


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