The Egging: A Halloween thingy

If you don’t follow Ross Murray, I give you this story in order to convince you that you are truly missing something fantastic from your life.

Drinking Tips for Teens

Troy “The Boil” Doyle blamed society. Consequently, he felt justified in being a jerk, and there was no better time to let your jerk flag fly than Halloween. The little reprobate took full opportunity of the holiday to soap, smash, TP and make smaller kids cry through trick or treachery.

In preparation for his night of holiday hooliganism, The Boil rooted around in the fridge of his mother’s bakery-slash-seafood diner, “Carbs ’n’ Crabs,” until he pulled out a carton of eggs. As dusk turned to dark, he fled the restaurant with his stash of ovoid missiles. He was dressed for Halloween as a demonic delinquent, which was his regular look except with “T-H-U-G” written across the knuckles of his left hand and “G-O-O-L” across the other; The Boil was failing Grade 10 English.

Immediately, The Boil embarked upon his egging spree. Ker-splat! Against the front door of the McBeebly…

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