Veteran’s Day, 2015…

I’m sitting in Panera, looking over my laptop at my wife and the dining area around us. This place is thriving with life as people gather and eat and drink and talk. When we arrived, there was an older gentleman wearing a Korea Veteran hat that was getting into his car, and right now, sitting across from me is another gentleman wearing an Air Force Vet hat. Another man just walked by sporting an Army Vet hat who passed a tall older gentleman in a Navy shirt.

In my people watching, I wonder if these civilians have a clue that they are standing amongst heroes.

I know I might be biased, being a Navy Vet and all, but in this room sit, stand and walk men and women who at one time in their life, chose to go into harms way because it was our job. We chose to wear a uniform, to give up our liberties, our freedoms, and even our lives, in order to make sure that you had yours. For that reason alone, that makes my brothers and sisters in arms, heroes (but, I’ve said that before).

All gave some…

Some of us came home no worse for the wear.

Some of us came home with scars that will never heal.

Some of us came home in a flagged draped box.

Some of us never came home at all.

And some gave all.


From one veteran to all the rest, I say thank you and Hoo-YAH!

Fair winds and following seas.


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