This Explains Soo Much…

I’m a bit of a Star Wars guy. Not a fanboi, not one of those raging nerds who argues whether Trek is better than Wars (they are both good (and somewhere, a nerd just exploded)), and not one of those people who is going to the first showing on the first night of the new movie (seriously… I don’t really like crowds that much).

However… I do love the movies. I have been known to quote Yoda (“Do or do not, there is no try”), I am a firm believer that Han shot first, and that the only movies that matter begin with Chapters. Seriously, those episode abominations or so much crap, I mean in the first 20 minutes of “A New Hope” Ben Kenobi completely disavows the whole midicholirine, mycochondriat… whatever it is that George tried to pass off for what the force was… but, so not the point.

So, carrying on…

On top of loving Star Wars (remember, the Chapters), I am also a touch of an over thinker and I notice things that just bother me. One of those things happens when Luke and Kenobi show up to the destroyed Jawa Sandcrawler, to which I made a meme about it (2 years ago):

Created Oct 23, 2013

Yep… like I said, I’m a bit of an over thinker.

This point has always bothered me about the movies, and sure, it’s scripted that way. I mean, it’s not like you can have the bad guys being too good, that would make them neutral and then we wouldn’t know what to do with them… ahh, see what I did there?


Today, I found out exactly why Storm Troopers can’t hit anything, all thanks to Aaron Williams (creator ofย  Nodwick and PS238). He does a little comic I follow called Full Frontal Nerdity, and the other day he posted a comic that explains the origin of this phenomena (and goes to further prove why those movies titled Episodes are such garbage).

That, that right there is classic. I got tears strolling down my eyes.

6 thoughts on “This Explains Soo Much…

  1. That comic strip makes a brilliant point and if any drunk fanboys corner me at a cocktail party with their Star Wars theories, I will whip that explanation out so fast they will think I’m a Jedi. (I’m a Jedi of fudge and vodka. And naps.)

    You do think too much but at least it’s about fun stuff you can giggle about sadistically later. You’re not a Brony or anything, are you? (moves away warily)

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