Red, red the poppies

I follow Jane because of her poetry. Her is a fine example of it that she wrote on Veteran’s Day. So well written, I had to share it.

Jane Dougherty Writes

A last offering for Armistice Day.
©Martial Gaillard-Grenadier


Red, red the poppies blow,
In the fields where the headstones grow,
White and pure as fallen snow,
That mark the place where the dead men go.
And have we learned from all these dead,
The stolen youth, the family head,
The terror blind, the slaughter red,
The hearts abroken, the life’s blood bled?
When I can see a poppy field,
And the deep, rich earth in spring revealed,
Where men have only a plough to wield,
I’ll know the broken world is healed.

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