Monday Mo(u)rning…

The last few weeks (read months), I have had my nose stuck in my college homework and have slacked on updating my blog. Acceptable excuse for sure. However, I have had to walk away from several of the challenges that I use to participate in on a regular basis due to my limited amount of time.

Basically, if it wasn’t a haiku, I pretty much haven’t.

Today, while catching up with some of the blogs I follow, I came across the news that Barbara Beacham, host of Monday Finish the Story, finished her battle with cancer last Sunday.

Even though my relationship with Barbara was through comments and her weekly challenge, I have to say I very much looked forward to Monday’s because of her (seriously, it was one of the few bright spots on a Monday). I knew she was going to post something new for me to dig my creative teeth into and even though it was just a photo with a starting line, it gave me a reason to look forward to Monday’s.

I wrote my first piece for MFtS back in February, and my last piece went up back at the beginning of September. In all, 21 pieces of flash fiction that were inspired by her challenge. And on everyone of them, she would always write something postive. You have to love a host who adores her audience.

Barbara, I just want to say “thank you” for being the beacon of light that I looked forward to at the beginning of my week. Thank you for sparking creativity and challenging me to write better. Thank you for the positive words you always (ALWAYS) commented on my posts with.

You will be missed.




And lastly, as always I express my feelings toward cancer.

Cancer sucks.

I wrote this in my own voice, no story... and although it felt a bit wrong to not do this in the MFtS format, I struggled with not being real.

10 thoughts on “Monday Mo(u)rning…

  1. Like you, Barbara’s challenge on Monday gave me the only thing I eagerly anticipated on an otherwise dreary day. I think she would have enjoyed your tribute. And I echo your sentiments. Cancer sucks.

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