On Playing “Catch Up”…

So, the first half of the holiday season is done. Christmas is but a wrapping paper, sleep deprived nightmare in the distant reaches of my mind. So, to that end, I guess I have a bunch of reading to catch up on, as I have been slacking on my ‘blog reading’ duties.

Which really begs the question, am I the only one who feels bad when I skip over someone’s blog because the topic or the tone or the time (hey, 3 “T’s”.. woot woot) just doesn’t do well for me?

I know, it’s sad, this sense of obligation I have to those people whose blogs I follow, and maybe I put too much thought or effort into this particular feeling. But, I can’t be alone in this, can I?

Anyway, if I am going to catch up, I need to get back to skimming really quickly reading through these blogs.

18 thoughts on “On Playing “Catch Up”…

  1. Oh trust me, you are not alone. I skim a lot of blogs because of those very same t’s, and other reasons. But don’t give up on us! Some day you’ll have the time, and the tone and topics will click again. ^_^

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    1. There are so many good writers, and there are so many bad writers… the problem with the two is that a good writer can write badly and a bad writer can write..ehem.. goodly.. (yeah, had to do it)… so figuring out which is which tends to come at the expense of much of my time. Time I normally am too pressed to give up.

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