Road Trip…

Yesterday was a long day. 450 plus miles logged. Three college campuses. Two metropolitan cities. Twelve hours. A tank and a half of gas.


Because college is starting!

I don’t know why I am so excited about that, maybe it’s my mental masochistic side. Maybe it’s the fact that I am actually going to be starting my bachelor’s degree program (English, just and FYI), or the fact that I am going to an actual university (which include university level fee’s…ugh). Or maybe it’s because I’m a junior in college (at 44 years old… Again, ugh).

But this semester required a road trip in order to secure my books. Ok, required is not entirely true, I could have had them sent to me, but where is the fun in that? However, m wife did have to go to her school because of the nature of her program, so why not? Right? It’s not like her college and my university (yeah, that’s a difference I am going to make) are that far apart.

Oh, wait… They are.

Her’s is in Tampa (yeah, Dan if you are reading this, I was over in your neck of the woods yesterday) and mine is in Orlando. Just a mere 2 hours apart… On I-4… Ugh. If you are wondering, Tampa is about three-and-a-had hours for where I live, so by the time we got to O-town, it was already 2:30. And yes, that means we left home at like… Way to freaking early for me to be awake.


My kids live in the Orlando area, so we got a chance to sit down to eat dinner with them before we made the two-and-a-half hour trip home.Me&TotsMom&Son


All told, with coffee, books, coffee, gas, coffee, tolls, coffee, dinner, and coffee, the trip racked up around the $500 mark (which might also include an epic new shirt from the GameStop my son works at… which may or may not be (but it totally is) a Fallout shirt).

We pulled into our driveway around 7:30 that night, almost a full 12 hours after we left, and peeling myself out of the now molded-to-my-butt seat that had been my home for most of the day, I immediately went into the house to sit on the couch.

Because… Driving takes a lot out of you.


14 thoughts on “Road Trip…

  1. Your kids look like mini-mes of you and your wife, son and daughter respectively. Also, I have to correct your punctuation. It should read Road Trip!! (second exclamation point optional.)


    1. Snow. I keep hearing people use this word, however, I’m not exactly sure what they are talking about. (albeit, I would love some real cold weather.. you know, down in the 50’s would be nice)

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      1. 50s is beach weather here. Sunday’s high is….maybe…two. And I’d throw in the wind chill for shock value but frankly, once you get around zero, it’s just stupid cold and not worth attempting to differentiate….Like trying to measure how full you are after Thanksgiving. You can’t get more full after a certain bite and you can’t feel much colder after a certain degree.

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